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Dressing for an event or a special occasion always brings with it a little anticipation and excitement. A party, a special event, a celebratory gathering — we all begin with how we'll dress. But this year it’s going to be more than just selecting something fabulous and fashionable. Special occasion dressing will be all about how fashion transforms us and makes us feel. 

A sparkle of metallic or sequin brightens and lifts us up. A bright, bold hue instantly makes us smile. Lace detailing, ruffles and florals feel oh-so-feminine. And bring on the skirts — long or short; flirty and swingy or sleek and sophisticated — the skirt reminds us of what it feels like to dress up and feel like a woman.

Special occasion dressing right now is styling with a pure expression of joy. We at Jophiel are more excited than ever to help you dress and add a touch of style and glamour to your upcoming event or celebration. It’s time to think again about dressing up — and we are so delighted! 

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