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Introducing KINONA — Golf/Activewear Apparel for women who inspire, achieve, and uplift

Our new collection KINONA arose out of a need in the marketplace.  KINONA designers/owners Dianne and Tami described it this way: "We were spending all this money on golf clothes that we needed, but really didn’t like. Standard women’s golf apparel lacked style and were missing exciting patterns and cuts. After talking with other female golfers, it was clear we weren’t alone. Golf clothes were designed to meet the rules, instead of uplifting the women wearing them. The course-compliant clothes that we needed to feel and play our best didn’t exist."
Jophiel owner Julie Eckert-Clancy agrees. "As a golfer, I am always looking for comfortable and fashionable performance clothing. I also have been searching for an elevated styling that is cut for athletics, but not an athletic cut.”
Jophiel's new collection KINONA is designed with a wonderful cut for curves and "not perfectly fit" bodies. "What I have also noticed now in wearing it and dressing other women is that it really looks great for everyday wear,” Julie continues.  "Instead of the typical fleece jogger, jeans or yoga wear for day, KINONA pieces have a polished look, but are just as comfortable."
"The Italian stretch fabric simply feels luxurious. The slim-your-waist pant is dreamy — and the slightly A-line cut on the tops create a perfectly balanced look.  As a specialty boutique, this is a boutique collection for golf, but it’s also an ideal fit for the Jophiel vision of elevated casual wear/athleisure and/or performance golf clothing."
We know you'll love KINONA — golf apparel for women who inspire, achieve, and uplift — because no matter her shape or size, every woman deserves to feel great doing what she loves. 


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