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Marc Cain's Fall 2020 At Jophiel

Marc Cain's Soft But Edgy second collection for Fall 2020 is modern fashion with tons of understatement. Soft but edgy plays with an exciting mix and match of classics — herringbone and glen check patterns — presented on modern hairy knit qualities and light woven fabrics that are simply irresistible. 




Marc Cain’s first collection of Fall 2020 is Love In Fall. Everything we love shines in full color and draws a fashion picture that perfectly reflects the golden mood of the season. The range of colors extends from caramel tones to delicate mallows, realized with feminine prints or matching check patterns. In addition, a rich lime tone draws instant attention and freshens up and enhances modern scuba jerseys as well as flowing woven qualities.  

Marc Cain Coat Marc Cain Jacket and Pant

Marc Cain Leather Jacket  




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