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The Face Mask as An Accessory for Everyone is Here to Stay


Even with all of the re-opening phases taking place across the country, one thing is certain: the CDC will continue to recommend cloth face masks for everyone to help prevent viral particles from spreading from person to person via coughing, sneezing, talking, and even just breathing. This includes our most precious demographic — all children over the age of two should wear a face mask in public FOR protection and to help protect people around them — especially in settings where other social distancing measures are difficult to maintain, larger groups, and around those who may be at higher risk.

 As an authorized Local Allen County PPE Provider, the Jophiel staff is now gearing up for the demand from local schools for our Kid’s and Teen’s Masks, as well as for individual families.

 What are important considerations when looking for a mask for your child? It’s important to find the correct size for both little ones and teens, leaving no gaps. The mask should be comprised of multiple fabric layers and the material should feel soft to those tender faces. Also key is that it should wash easily and not degrade after multiple washings.

Our Kid’s Masks are sized for children up to 11-years-old to cover the nose, mouth and chin with no gaps. Each mask is reversible and consists of three layers — two layers of 100% quality soft cotton with a third interface layer — then finished with a reinforced single stitch with a complementary pattern on the reverse side. The soft knitted elastic doesn’t hurt the ears and fits nicely to the face without feeling confining. The nose guard forms to the face to help prevent fogging when wearing glasses. 

For young children, wearing a face mask can be a little intimidating, or even frightening, so a colorful, cheerful print is less threatening and quickly spreads happiness to those wearing it and those seeing it. You want your kids to feel safe and secure when they wear their mask — not self-conscious, but confident and protected!

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 Our Teen’s Face Masks are exactly the same workmanship and fabric quality as our Kid’s Masks, with the same finishing details and comfortable fit. Also reversible, they are the same size as our Women’s Masks, but with one quick twist of the soft knitted elastic, the mask will fit a smaller face — just like all of our Women’s Masks. This youthful collection includes teen-friendly motifs and many of the prints are unisex.  

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 One more tip — when it comes to masks for kids and teenagers, don’t buy just one!  Make sure you have plenty on hand for all of their activities — keep a clean one in each car, every book bag, at home, at the lake and at the grandparents so you’re not washing only one every day!

 Fashion, comfort and quality is what Jophiel face masks represent. When you’re buying face masks to protect you and your family, have some fun with our colors and combinations and our new prints each week. Buy one or two for where you’re going and what you’re doing — and everyone you care about!  

Since March of 2020, Jophiel has delivered over 5,000 face masks to various charitable organizations and local businesses in addition to the masks we’ve sold to countless families and individuals all over the country! All have been made in Fort Wayne, Indiana and the Jophiel team is committed to supporting YOU, our greater community, and individuals and organizations in other communities until there is no longer a need. A Jophiel Face Mask creates instant happiness and brings a “smile” to the face behind the mask. Protect yourself and your entire family with a protective, quality face mask #TheJophielWay! 

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 If you know of a school or group or are requesting a larger quantity of masks for an organization, please contact company president Julie Eckert Clancy at

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