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Cozy, warm, stylish, and without a doubt — this season is about the ULTIMATE in ease and comfort!  We at Jophiel are calling it the Softness of Fall — fashion is still very much fashion, but there’s a definite ELEVATED sense of comfort to everything — whether it’s a level above your normal casual look to a elevated sense of comfort and "no fussiness" to your professional style. 
The transition of the season asks us look at our wardrobe with a fresh eye: Am I ready? What’s missing? What will make it current and appropriate for me and my lifestyle?
Colors and new blends in fabrics are driving and defining this season's warmth and coziness, offering an elevated depth and breadth.  There’s what we call a color softness or “dustiness” — soft oatmeal or winter white; a touch of lavender or icy blue; soft mushroom, greys and heather browns; and a beautiful soft black. Even what appears to be bold pops of color have a fresh softness to them when you look closely — tiny fibers adding layers of richness, depth and softness to what appears to be a singular color.
Also this fall: casual shoes, booties — and these are NOT your mother’s sneakers!  We’re seeing lace-ups, pull-ons, even a sneaker boot — all influenced by why we love sneakers, but with what we now expect in comfort.
We at Jophiel have gone soft — styling and selecting OUR fashion favorites to help YOU create the perfect style for your comfort.  Come in and experience in person #TheSoftnessofFall — what’s newly styled for now and beyond #TheJophielWay — we know you’re going to LOVE it!

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