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The FRESH Feeling of Fashion — Spring/Summer 2020

As we slowly emerge from the mandatory stay-at-home orders, what’s undeniably clear is: fashion still matters, and now more than ever before.  Are you craving to wear something different?  Or are you struggling to move out of your home “comfort” zone?  Fashion actually can help us move forward.  It was amazing how we at Jophiel all felt when we actually wore makeup and dressed for work.  We are ready to feel normal again. We are more than ready for the next stage.

We’ll be talking in more detail over the next few weeks about Spring/Summer Fashion #TheJophielWay.  But Mother’s Day is right around the corner!  Let’s talk about what we can embrace RIGHT NOW.  

Culottes and Crop Pants

This season’s culottes and crop pants are exceptionally fashionable AND functional with enough polish for work and play.  There’s a comfort, yet a structure and the modernness really comes from the new details: a buckle on the cuff; a batik bottom panel; a crisp lightweight fabric. High waisted trousers, paper bag waists, fluid pants — whether you choose easy and airy or tailored and trim — all feel fresh, fresh, FRESH!  Paired with basics from your newly cleaned closet, it’s an instant Spring outfit maker, plus it makes us FEEL BETTER!




Colors and Prints  

While we were inside wrapping our heads around working, teaching, and socializing from home, the earth took a big deep breath and became refreshed. That earthy color palette is everywhere this season!  Monochromatic shades of brown, clay, stone and sand, a pop of brick red or flower bud pink, and the freshness of greens and blues inspire us.  More modernness shows up in this season’s textures and prints: tie-dye, snakeskin, leopard, chain-prints, spots, dots, earthy gem flecks, and more.  It’s a metallic stripe on a pant, or a touch of snakeskin on a sneaker — a modern detail in unexpected places that creates an instant, clean look! 





Let’s don one of the new dresses. Shirtwaist or shirt style, utilitarian or a relaxed silhouette, slipping on a dress is the ultimate in simplicity and ease.  What makes these modern choices pop are the lines and inspired details: button plackets, notched collars, side or slit pockets (the perfect place to tuck your Jophiel face mask!). Try them with a loafer, sneaker or mule as a closed-toe option until you’re truly ready for sandals for an immediate, fresh Spring look!  And don’t forget a lightweight jacket or knit sweater if your plans include a cool morning or into the evening.  There is nothing more singular and stylish than the perfect dress.





Spring Fashion 2020 will keep us excited and moving forward — its freshness will cleanse our spirit and clear our minds as our regular activities become a reality again. And always, always remember — use WHITE as a COLOR!