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Nancy Stuck; Stylist & Vice President of Sales And Merchandising

With a confident and distinctive style presence in Fort Wayne's fashion retail landscape for over 30 years, Nancy's visual merchandising presentations focus her artistic tendencies on cutting edge, high fashion interpretation and manipulation. Her innate sense of style is reflected in her ability to delve beyond the surface to perfect true style. Proficient in fabric, design, proportion, color, style  and fit with a passion for construction and detail, allow for an ever evolving understanding and education of the elusive "effortless"style.  Nancy's thoughtful dedication provides for an enjoyable, customized, professional and extraordinary service style presentation. Her greatest reward,  the glow of understated confidence her clients exude.

Who or what is your style inspiration?

Jil Sander. Her designs were always minimalist yet extremely unique.Her tailoring, darting and seam detail, where no one dared before, in perfect harmony with her luxury fabrics, creating unexpected sculpted shape in her garments . Her fabrics, works of art! She actually worked along side in the mills to create the fabrics she wanted to design with. The perfect marriage of design and textiles.

What is your favorite dish to eat?

I ADORE WHITE truffles! A Window seat at Spiaggia's  (Michigan Avenue in Chicago), a simple bed of angel hair pasta with a hint of extra virgin olive oil and a flurry of white truffle shavings topped off with a glass of Krug champagne....Heaven!!!

One fashion item you are always drawn to?

Boots!  I can't help myself.  Boots are the most comfortable footwear for me.  I like an edge, but I like a feminine boot as well. 

What is your go to source for up-to-date news?, it has it all.

What’s one daily ritual that always makes your day?

An hour at the end of my day to decompress. It's my hour to do as I please. These days, it's often spent on my iPad.
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