How Does a Fashion Trend Start?

We often seem to recognize a trend when it is in full force.  However, that is never how it starts.  The beginning of a trend is like putting only one toe in the water, it slowly tests itself on the fashion scene. 

Let’s go back to 2006, when leggings came on the scene.  They were mostly in hosiery and we were wearing them with skirts and dresses.  Not everyone embraced them, in fact the first time I wore them, my husband said to me, “What the hell do you have on?”  Of course it was useless explaining the look to him, I wore them anyway regardless of his confusion.  few years later, leggings were introduced in a heavier fabric so they could be worn as pants with tunics, longer sweaters or shorter dresses.  Then in a few more years, you saw them as the most prominent piece of athletic wear, “the yoga pant”. 
Thakoon SS 2006 Thakoon SS 2006
Image Credit: Thakoon, NY Mag 

A trend starts to emerge in only one capacity, then the whole foot goes in the water and then both feet.  I firmly believe that a good fashion trend becomes timeless, essential to the world of fashion.  It may lose some of its presence temporarily, but look how long we have had capris, crop pants and ankle pants.  They went away for a while, but once they returned in the early 2000’s, they have never left and continued to be offered in new ways every year.  Again, I can remember being asked by clients, “Will these crop pants be around next year?”  You know what my response was: “I sure hope so, because there are a lot of women, myself included that do not look attractive in shorts and this allows them to have a more casual look!”  I was right.  Women demanded from the fashion world the versatility that crop pants and capris offered.  By demanded, I mean that so many of those pieces are purchased every year that designers realize they need to keep offering it in their collections.

A trend that goes away, was probably never really a trend, but a fad or fast fashion.  Sometimes our wants change so drastically that it becomes useless or dated.  Some dated trends are large shoulder pads and bell bottoms.  Now I know that some will say that these trends are back in fashion, but they aren’t.  A trend must be embraced by all age groups as well as all classic and modern fashion consumers.

So what are some of the current emerging trends in fashion?  I think there are a couple very strong ones. 

Pant Options Other Than Leggings and The Skinny Pant.
    The Color Sienna Brown, Scotch-Whisky or Luggage Brown.




    Stylist and Jophiel owner, Julie loves that she gets to be around pretty clothing and work with beautiful people each day at the store!  As an entrepreneurial business leader in fashion she has the specific goal of continuing the unique perspective of a fashion merchant; selecting fashion lines, creating seasonal stories and inspiring creativity and success for Jophiel staff, clients and the community she serves. You can read more from Julie here.


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