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Focus On Casual

Fall is upon us and this season we are ready for casual comfort. Effortless, relaxed, and pure comfort, these all are fabulous casual looks you’ve been looking for. Sit back, relax, and enjoy!  Outfit One:  Sweater - Luisa Cerano Neon Green Sweater Topper - Marc Cain Checked Coat  Scarf - Maison Passage  Pant - Eileen Fisher Silk Georgette Crepe Side Panel Pant  Shoes - Thierry Rabotin Slip-on  Outfit Two: Shirt - Peter O. Malher Classic Tunic Shirt  Sweater - Eileen Fisher Tunic Sweater  Scarf - Jophiel Silk Black Cheetah Chain Scarf Pant - Eileen Fisher Organic Cotton Pant   Shoes - VanEli Olexie  Outfit Three: Tank - Annette Gortz Aik Sweater - Luisa Cerano Metallic Cord Sweater  Vest / Jacket -  Annette Gortz Ada Jacket ...

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How Does a Fashion Trend Start?

We often seem to recognize a trend when it is in full force.  However, that is never how it starts.  The beginning of a trend is like putting only one toe in the water, it slowly tests itself on the fashion scene.  Let’s go back to 2006, when leggings came on the scene.  They were mostly in hosiery and we were wearing them with skirts and dresses.  Not everyone embraced them, in fact the first time I wore them, my husband said to me, “What the hell do you have on?”  Of course it was useless explaining the look to him, I wore them anyway regardless of his confusion.  A few years later, leggings were introduced in a heavier fabric so they...

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