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Mark Your Spot In Fashion

Define your style by adding a little character in making a bold statement when wearing clothing with texture, patterns and color.  Stylist Jan Futter shows us how it is always fashionable to be Spot On for every occasion.

    Find pieces that relate and create a uniform look, even if the pieces have a lot of pattern and noise.  Pair a Basler coat and Marc Cain dress with the same pattern theme - spots! Although each piece alone can be styled on their own fabulously, together they make a smart distinctive look.


    Or opt for a solid color. This Marc Cain skirt and jacket, both indigo, are cut from the same eyelet fabric. The fabric’s subtle texture and unassuming color make wearing the ensemble easy for everyone to embrace.


    If you’re a little nervous to jump right in to pattern and texture play, break the look up. Find a unifying color in your look, like the green in the Basler top and pant. The solid color is a good way to balance the busier Basler T. And don’t forget the little attention to detail! The Aquatalia Winona black dot mesh flat is a great way to really bring the patterned look together. It’s an adventurous fun-spirited look finished with a great spring white jacket that would go with everything.

    • Basler Spot Spring Jacket Jophiel
    • Spot On Jophiel
    • Marc Cain Skirt Jacket Jophiel
    • Marc Cain Skirt Jacket Jophiel
    • Marc Cain Skirt Jacket Jophiel
    • Basler Creenstone Spot On Jophiel
    • Basler T Creekstone Jacket Jophiel

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