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Altering Your Experience

Over twenty-four years in business and still styling strong. In seeking to tailor a fabulous fashion experience that accommodates and enriches the lives of women, Jophiel is pleased to announce the expansion of our services to include an in-house Alterations Department.

Jophiel has proudly partnered with locally owned businesses to provide alteration services to our clients. Altering garments is essential in making garments fit a woman, rather than a woman seeking to fit the clothing. "Having onsite alterations will allow us to do fittings at the store and provide a higher level of service to our clients. I have always wanted to expand this service and the timing and space just all came together." Julie Eckert Clancy, President, explains. 

Sonia Bola, with 28 years experience has joined the Jophiel team as Alterations Manager and Seamstress. "I love to help people look their best and feel their best. When they are happy and smile in the clothes, it's my favorite part of the job. I am excited to learn more about fashion from Julie and work with the wonderful clients of Jophiel."

Sonia and another seamstress, (her mom) will be available Monday thru Friday 10 AM to 6 PM at Jophiel. Please contact your stylist or the store for any direct needs or appointments.  

   Sonia Bola, Alterations' Manager               Harbensh Kaur (Mom), Seamstress

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  • Cindy Lou Turner

    Julie! This is fabulous news! I personally welcome this new addition for alterations! I am a needy client :). Best wishes and Welcome to Sonia and her mother!

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