Modern Fashion Since 1994

Julie Eckert Clancy; President

As an entrepreneurial business leader in fashion, Julie has the specific goal of continuing the unique perspective of a fashion merchant.  Applying her keen vision of personally styling unique and individual looks, Julie cultivates an instore experience through fashion stories which are sellable and desirable to the clients and community Jophiel serves.  For over 20 years, Julie has curated the concept that is Jophiel to be a home for exciting fashion, a creative outlet for staff and honor the experience of personal styling.  

What is your favorite destination?  

Maui, Hawaii. Jerry and I have been lucky to visit three times for vacation.

What’s your favorite thing about working at Jophiel?

I get to be around pretty things and amazing people all day!

Perfect day in Fort Wayne for out-of-town visitors?

That’s a tough one! Because I could answer it in so many different ways. If it’s the weekend, and if there are kids, I’d stop by the Fort Wayne Zoo. Walking the Fort Wayne Parks and Recreation trails, since there are 75 miles to explore. And of course if it’s the summer then I would check out the festival schedule! Or what the latest concert is at The Embassy. Paula’s for dinner, the bar at Eddie Merlot’s. Tour the great shopping especially at Covington Plaza, and, of course our store!

What’s your favorite spot in Fort Wayne?

I have two, my home and the Fort Wayne Country Club golf course.

One fashion item you are always drawn to?

I love having lots of black and grey sweaters!

What is your favorite dish to make or eat?

My favorite to eat would be Veal Milanese. And my favorite to make would be homemade Cinnamon Rolls. They’re kind of an old favorite family recipe.

What’s one daily ritual that always makes your day?

Taking time to read the Bible, I appreciate that quiet communion with God.  And giving my husband, Jerry, a kiss before one of us leaves the house for the day and telling him "I love you".
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