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Buying 101: Introducing a New Line

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What about the line Majestic Filatures made you decide to bring it to Jophiel?

Julie Eckert Clancy:  Actually this relates right back to knowing more and being more known in the fashion industry, my former rep for Magashoni called and spoke to me about the quality and the importance that Majestic Filatures plays in the whole ath-leisure trend and basic category.  She also told me how many styles in cotton and modal they offer, which is what intrigued me.  When I went to market to view the line for the first time, I wasn’t sure if it was really what I wanted, but when I edited the pieces to make a more cotton driven purchase, I really felt this was something our clients would want to own.  Great quality and great simplistic fashion.

Why is quality important in these basic items?

Well a layering piece should always be washable and if it is washable, it needs to stand that test of many washes.  Quality fabric does that, it lasts a long time, stays in its shape and it maintains the original color.

Do these basics change with age?  A woman in her 30’s vs her 50’s?

The need for them doesn’t change so much as it changes how you wear them.  In my 30’s I would wear a tank alone, not now.  As you mature, you use them as a basic layering item, not a standalone piece.

What basic tee and tank do you feel are essential to every Midwestern woman’s wardrobe?

Black, grey and white are the top three layering choices.  However as to styles, this can change depending on what you are wearing it under or if it is going to be worn alone.  Do you need sleeveless, short sleeves or long sleeves?  Personally, I think you need all three.  You also need a thin strap and a wider strap tank.  You need a ¾ sleeve and long sleeve.  You need different lengths and sometimes,very importantly, you need tanks that don’t lie against the body but help to keep the outer garment from touching the body.

What about buying for Fort Wayne is different than buying for the entire U.S.? How much do you consider customers outside of the Midwest when purchasing?

We have clients all over the United States and I do not buy differently for them than those that live in the Midwest.  I should say that I don’t think the region influences my decisions except for what our climate and weather is.  Our clients want to be fashionable and dressed appropriately and that doesn’t change just because you do or do not live in Indiana.

Do you get excited or nervous about bringing in new lines to Jophiel?

I would say that I get more excited about bringing in a new designer to our store.  Newness is key to fashion and whether it comes from a new season or a new designer it is important to keep ourselves at the forefront of fashion.

What other lines at Jophiel do you feel offer great essential layering pieces?

We are so fortunate that many of our designers work diligently to offer fabulous essential layering pieces.  Eileen Fisher, Kinross, 360 Cashmere, Bianca, Gerry Weber, Peter O’Mahler and Annette Goertz to name only some. 

Stylist and Jophiel owner, Julie loves that she gets to be around pretty clothing and work with beautiful people each day at the store!  As an entrepreneurial business leader in fashion she has the specific goal of continuing the unique perspective of a fashion merchant; selecting fashion lines, creating seasonal stories and inspiring creativity and success for Jophiel staff, clients and the community she serves. You can read more from Julie here .

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