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Buying 101: What Does Style Diversity Mean

What about the uniqueness of buying for a boutique allows you to sell to such close circles of friends and family? I would say that it is the ability to know every one of your clients. By knowing every client, you know their circles and can therefore purchase according to what is happening in their lives.  I know when many clients will be attending the same event and can be sure that I have purchased a vast selection of unique looks for each of them.  When it comes to our everyday wardrobe, I keep everyone, family or friend in my thoughts when I am purchasing to be sure that classic, modern, and contemporary looks are included in our mix. How...

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Buying 101: Introducing a New Line

What about the line Majestic Filatures made you decide to bring it to Jophiel? Julie Eckert Clancy:  Actually this relates right back to knowing more and being more known in the fashion industry, my former rep for Magashoni called and spoke to me about the quality and the importance that Majestic Filatures plays in the whole ath-leisure trend and basic category.  She also told me how many styles in cotton and modal they offer, which is what intrigued me.  When I went to market to view the line for the first time, I wasn’t sure if it was really what I wanted, but when I edited the pieces to make a more cotton driven purchase, I really felt this was...

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Buying 101: Pickin Up What Your Puttin Down

 It may be hard to believe, but we are already excited about fall!  For more reasons than the beautiful change in weather, the promise of layered looks and rich hues too.  Fall brings with it some of the best shopping and this year will not disappoint.  To paint the picture better for you, on top of the fabulous fashions that will be arriving daily, we are excited to be hosting a 3-day trunk show with Layafette 148 New York!It's these mini-sprees, tucked away into an already thrilling shopping season, that we are always excited about.  Being able to shop the entire fall collection!  The promise of finding a one-of-a kind piece.  Matching an essential back to a new silhouette or...

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Buying 101 with Julie Eckert Clancy

Each market always leaves an impression on me and Spring 2017 did not disappoint.  I recall the precision of design.  The perfect ankle pant, pegged or flared just so.  The perfect shift dress that has an unexpected edge.  The refreshing botanical print or bug embellishment.   The clean, uncluttered, and draped to perfection evening gown. Sometimes it isn’t always what is different but what has been improved from season to season, especially when a new trend has emerged that is still growing and developing in our wardrobe and style.  For the past few seasons we have seen the accessory landscape change dramatically.  The influence of modern bohemian has refined our beads, diamonds and leathers into a layered story on our necks...

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Buying 101 With Julie Eckert Clancy

Our next installment of Buying 101 with Jophiel Owner and President Julie, we talk about Fall/Winter 2016 and look to one of Jophiel’s most popular lines: Marc Cain, and their fall runway show for fashion inspiration.  Julie, you’re gearing up for another buying trip to New York, but runway season is almost over.  Market week is something separate from a runway show.  How is the paparazzi craze and hype of a runway show different than market and/or actually buying for a store? The actual art or talent of buying, because there is a part of buying that is not by the numbers (statistics), is actually so different than the runway shows or editorial photos we constantly see with the fashion...

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