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Closet Chitter Chatter: Biggest Color Trends for Fall 2019

As the temperatures start to drop, we're quick to embrace a new Fall wardrobe! Like most Fall fashion seasons, the color trends reflect the season, especially the colors of turning leaves-- nature in all its colorful glory.

This season, the Fall palette is more luxe and vibrant! Although these rich hues are so attractive, we encourage you to invest in the classic colors too! This season, there are several neutrals that you're not going to want to miss out on.

With so much variety, we believe everyone can find a favorite hue for the Fall! Keep reading to find out what our favorite colors are!

About the Classic Colors:

As Pantone states, "This season’s classic shades are strong enough to stand alone or work equally well as a foundation for distinguishing color contrasts." 

After many seasons of bright hues, the naturals palette has become a key feature for the season! We love this classic and organic palette. See below for some of our favorite neutrals of the season!

Vanilla Custard

Vanilla Custard is an understated, smooth, and creamy white. Although every shade of beige is still on trend for Fall, we are drawn to this sophisticated, soft white-toned beige. Wear the hue in loose and relaxed layers.

Evening Blue

Evening Blue is a chic alternative to black this Fall. This deep navy showed up as a neutral on many of the runways, becoming one of the most important color trends. This is the kind of blue that could almost be mistaken for black at a distance and just as easy to incorporate into any outfit.


Paloma exudes elegance and charm!  It is described by Pantone as “unpretentious and understated.”  This elegant gray has a softness about it. It doesn’t have any hard edges.

Classic Black 

Color trends come and go, but there's one color that's always on trend-- black! A fashionable woman can always count on black being chic, classic, and slimming! This color the most timeless hue!


About the Color Palette:

Sugar Almond/Whiskey

Sugar Almond is a sweet brown that Pantone describes as appetizing. Sugar Almond is a grounding color that provides a sense of stability. We love that this hue is loud and attractive, for brown anyways! We love seeing this color paired with animal prints.

Bluestone/Blue Spruce

Blues were definitely a trend on the Fall/Winter 2019-2020 runways. Bluestone is a lighter option, more subdued. Naturally, this color looks stunning when styled with blacks and grays.

Dark Cheddar/Mustard

This delicious color brings warmth to the Fall 2019 color palette. It's a dark yellow with hints of orange that is classically Fall. This color blends just as well with blues as it does with reds-- making this color so versatile!

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