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Americana Style- 2019 Fashion Trends

With Independance Day right around the corner, I have been thinking about Summer, Americana style and trends.

According to Wikipedia, Americana is defined as artifacts, or a collection of artifacts, related to the history, geography, folklore and cultural heritage of the United States. Americana can also be defined as materials and things concerning or characteristic of The United States of America; broadly, its culture.

As a Stylist and Owner of a Women’s Fashion Boutique, I think of Americana as red, white and blue, something patriotic in theme. To me, Americana is an expression of our American heritage. With the diversity of our great Nation's people and backgrounds, Americana becomes broader to embrace the different flavor of personal culture.  Having said that, shouldn't Americana fashion be more than just the colors and symbols of our beautiful, esteemed flag?  

One of my favorite Americana influences is Native American fashion. I adore turquoise, the colorful embroidery, and the leather and silver work.  These influences may not shout patriotic holiday, but they indeed are part of the American story.

Preppy fashion too is unique to America.  It evolved from a specific east coast vibe, the Ivy League style.  It has continued to be a part of fashion, and the checks, colorful pants, navy blazers, and loafers have evolved over the years to continue to be modern and relevant to the fashion scene.  It has been embraced beyond the college walls, and today we call it "modern preppy."  Throw this look together and tie a sweater around the neck and you are always set for the holiday weekend.

What will I be wearing for the holiday weekend…my golf clothes and a favorite look of mine: jeans (how American), a natural loosely woven sweater with a pair of easy sport mules.  Add on the turquoise earrings and bracelets, and the look is complete.  You see, I never liked dressing in red, white and blue, too much of a costume for me, but I will still feel very American!  Thank you to all those that serve our country.

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