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Introducing The NEW Jophiel Label — Created And Designed Exclusively By Jophiel!

    We are pleased to announce some very exciting news — the launch of the Jophiel label!  Since 1994, Jophiel has been helping women express their personal style through exceptional fashion knowledge of apparel and accessories styled “the Jophiel Way” by focusing on unique offerings from quality European, Canadian and American fashion designers.“Why launch our own label now, one might ask?” prompted Julie Eckert Clancy, president of Jophiel. “Modern and classic have always been our fashion cornerstones — what both clients and staff love, and what we all call our “go-to” season after season, so it was easy to determine our focus for the new line.”"We have a collective expertise and years of fashion experience between myself, Nancy, our...

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The Importance of Routines During These Difficult Times

(A Guest Blog From Sympli's  Sabrina Banadyga, Head of Marketing):  I’m a creature of habit, or so I’ve learned when I break a routine and then watch myself tailspin from the inside out. Routine is important every day and can be especially grounding when faced with the uncertainty that none of us are immune to right now.  Here are some tips and tricks that keep me sane during these turbulent times: 1)   Morning Meditation. Every. Darn. Day. I used to admire those that meditated daily with a silent envy. Going through a challenging phase of my life in Spring 2019 (déjà vu!!) forced me into this routine because every day I woke up to soaring anxiety and a racing heart...

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Fall 2018 Fashion Finds From Your Jophiel Team

Everyone loves the change of season because with this usually comes a shopping trip to Jophiel!  Fall is without a doubt our favorite season here... all the layering, rich colors, and texture. Let us introduce you to some of our favorite Fall 2018 fashion trends. Jophiel Team Pick: Freida Rothman Signature Thin Pave Hinge Bangle Why? We love the sleekness and versatility of this Signature Thin Pave Hinge Bangle. Freida Rothman jewelry is designed to be stacked, so we love that you can discover your personal style among the curated looks.__________________________________________________________ Jophiel Team Pick: Freida Rothman Double Rope Cuff Bangle Why? We love the modern edge of this Double Rope Cuff Bangle by Freida Rothman. The industrial vibes take form as twisted cables and city lights...

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Americana Style- 2019 Fashion Trends

With Independance Day right around the corner, I have been thinking about Summer, Americana style and trends. According to Wikipedia, Americana is defined as artifacts, or a collection of artifacts, related to the history, geography, folklore and cultural heritage of the United States. Americana can also be defined as materials and things concerning or characteristic of The United States of America; broadly, its culture. As a Stylist and Owner of a Women’s Fashion Boutique, I think of Americana as red, white and blue, something patriotic in theme. 

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How A Personal Stylist Passes On A Trend

Every month we come together for a store wide conversation on a topic pertaining to fashion and just hash it out - in a very polite manner of course!  They're our fashionable confabulations!  Our in store Table Talks.  From body image to special occasion, we've shared a lot of thoughts.  Join in!  We want to hear yours. Leah: "When we’re dressing for events, and we’re thinking of special occasion, do we clarify the current trend influences with the customer, do we take that customer through that discovery of what is modern and how it fits their m’o for this special event?" Julie: "Oh definitely!" Nancy:  "We talk to the client, we tell them about the trend details, that is what’s new about it. ...

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