How To Organize Your Closet

“Closet, Closet…what shall I wear today?
 Oh and by the way, Closet where is my favorite turtleneck, have you moved it on me unaware?"
Have you swallowed up my favorite tees?
O, dear Closet you have become so crowded and disorganized."

"I think you may need to purge and rid yourself of those unsightly things.
Can you do it, can you part with what is out of style and doesn’t fit?  Can you become again a beautiful, fashionable and functional Closet?  I hope so as you are one of my favorite places to be."

There is no easy way around it, closet cleaning can take time and energy.  We do it for clients and it can be an all day thing, but we've developed a How To Clean Your Closet The Jophiel Way and are excited to share it with you!

Before you start the clean out.  Make room for three different piles.

  1. Items that need purged.
  2. Items that need altered and or cleaned.
  3. Items that need another piece to complete the look.


Step One: Purge, Alter, Complete

Purge clothes, coats and shoes that are too small or too large (generally two or more sizes).  If they are too small, if you lose enough to wear them again, you will buy new.  If they are too large, you really don’t want to wear them again.

Purge clothes, coats, shoes and accessories that are out of style or not age appropriate.  Nothing makes us look older, than not being current.  Clothes are no different than hair and makeup.  And as to age appropriate, we look younger, when we are not trying to look 20.

After you have purged, try every piece of clothing, you have left in your closet on and look carefully at each piece to see if it needs repaired or cleaned.  Look also to see if the length of the garment is the appropriate length for this season.  If the garment is slightly large, this can be taken in.  If the waist is slightly tight, see if it can be released.  If it cannot be altered to fit, purge it.  If shoes are worn or scuffed, but can be polished and fixed, take them to the shoe repair.  If they cannot be restored to good condition, purge them.

We have all purchased pieces without completing the outfit.  Put these items in a separated pile.  You should then put them in your car and the next time you go shopping, you should take them with you to the store and complete your ensemble.


Step Two: Organize

Organize your closet in the most convenient way for you.  Here are some guidelines that can be helpful.


Step Three:

Now that you can see and wear everything that is in your closet, you know what you are missing.  Filling those needs becomes easy and you are not just purchasing blind, but purchasing with the knowledge of how your new items fit into your closet.  New items can be basics or fashion.  They can be event specific or simply everyday items. 


“Closet, Closet…what shall I wear today?  Why anything I please, it is all so beautiful to me.”

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  • Charlene

    Even as we speak (?) Dave is cleaning out his/our closet
    Still can’t pry Polo suits from his tightly clinched fists, but that’s like calling the kettle black

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