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How To Organize Your Closet

  “Closet, Closet…what shall I wear today? Oh, and by the way, Closet, where is my favorite turtleneck, have you moved it on me unaware?"Have you swallowed up my favorite tees?O, dear Closet, you have become so crowded and disorganized." "I think you may need to purge and rid yourself of those unsightly things.Can you do it? Can you part with what is out of style and doesn’t fit?  Can you become a beautiful, fashionable, and functional Closet again?  I hope so as you are one of my favorite places to be." There is no easy way around it; closet cleaning can take time and energy.  We do it for clients, and it can be an all-day thing, but we've developed...

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Effortless Perfection

As a member of the “behind the scenes” team at Jophiel, I am in awe of the extensive knowledge that our seasoned stylist(s) possess. Our stylists know just what to do when it comes to customizing garments to meet the needs of the clientele.  There are countless tailoring solutions- gowns shortened, pants hemmed, pockets removed, sleeves adjusted, darts added, etc. This recognition ensures that our clients have a custom fit with little worry of garment malfunction. To learn more about the alterations process, I sat down with Nancy Stuck, Stylist & Vice President of Sales and Merchandising. What factors go into knowing if an item needs alterations? "It depends on the client’s body type.  Every client has individual challenge(s) when...

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Travel Time

It's time to pack for your much-needed vacation, so start to relax now. Your Jophiel stylists are here with some quick tips to help you pack with perfection. A key to packing light is selecting pieces with versatility. Consider staying within one color as your base, say black, navy or olive. This allows you to mix and match garments with ease as well as lessen your footwear needs. Lucky for us the sneaker has been embraced and updated in today's fashion, you no longer have to sacrifice your feet for style. Comfortable walking shoes are essential!  {{show_1}} Jan Futter, Stlylist,  shares her picks for her upcoming vacation: “I have selected to pack black Eileen Fisher viscose knits in two pants,...

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It's Their Party Too

Once you’ve said “yes,” are you not so patiently waiting for happily ever after to begin? If so, STOP, look around, breath and enjoy. Marrying the man of your dreams will come soon enough, the walk down the aisle starts now with your pre-wedding events. Embrace these special events and those who so generously host them. After all, this time is about family and friends as well as you -the happy couple. It gives others a chance to shower you and your life partner with love, attention, gifts, and advice. It is necessary to appreciate the outpouring of love and well wishes and embrace this particular time in your life.  "Whether I was planning my pre-wedding events or working as...

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Cultivating Your Superhero Cap

“Playing dress-up begins at age five and never truly ends,” Kate Spade. Most little girls play dress up, whether it’s playing pretend in mother’s clothes or fancy princess dresses, so the act of dressing in certain clothes to feel special starts at a young age. Dressing in gowns for weddings or galas can make any woman feel like a princess, but does the fancy gown give the woman more confidence or merely allow for her confidence to shine through?   Anne Klein once said, "Clothes aren't going to change the world, the women wearing them will."  Both Kate Spade and Anne Klein are and were women's fashion designers and yet these two quotes I believe challenge their job titles: do the...

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