S-s-summertime, summertime sandals!

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Every advent of summer I think of a news scandal from 2005 focused on a women’s collegiate sports team that met the then president George W Bush, wearing their summer finery, celebrating their national championship and there, photographed on their feet, were flip-flops.  The casual, slip on shoe relegated to running the last-minute errand, covering your feet at the pool, slipping on when walking out the trash.  The question maybe isn’t when are flip-flops a fashion faux-pas, but when are they not!
I got my first pair of flip-flops when I went to camp in the 4th grade.  They were purple, foam flip-flops from Old Navy.  They lasted me 3 weeks of summer camp until, while walking and talking with friends, I missed the cement parking block, tripped and promptly ripped the rubber toe-plug clean through the foam sole.  Now a days, I don’t even like wearing them except to go to yoga, take out my trash or pick up the carry-out dinner.  There is something about my toes being exposed and getting grit in between them I don’t like.  If I am looking for something casual to slip on, I will always go for a ballet flat.
I'm fully behind the updated sneaker look and love them for travel and work.  And I love that my run-around flats don't sacrifice comfort for style.  The ballet flat, athletic rubber sole and updated block heel make it so I can wear something stylish all day.
The flip-flop is essentially a flat rubber sole with a thin strip of fabric running between the toes.  I find their existence in fashion nonplus.  But that is probably why designers like them, they are a blank canvas to build upon.  
That though is the root of the uproar, where is the effort with flip-flops?  And while this story revolved around an adolescent generation older than me at the time, Generation Y, it has obviously stayed with me.  So much so that while at a very special occasion held outdoors in the springtime season, I balk when I looked down at a guest’s feet to see flip-flops.
Even if every new generation takes casual to the next level, casual and its quest for comfort, should never be disrespectful.   With the current diversity in women’s foot wear, we have countless options to be stylish and comfortable.  No one is asking you to wear 4” stilettos.  As I previously alluded to, I gravitate towards ballet flats, opting for a pointed toe silhouette and the occasional block, ladylike heel.  Thank goodness the midi is back because I wasn’t going to wear 4” heels!  Wedges have never lost their foothold in fashion.  And now even sneakers have been seen with a summertime frock.
But just like with everything, evaluate the importance of the occasion and pick accordingly.  Treat life with the joy and respect it deserves.  And if you need a little pep in your step, shop our shoe collection.

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