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The FRESH Feeling of Fashion — Spring/Summer 2020

As we slowly emerge from the mandatory stay-at-home orders, what’s undeniably clear is: fashion still matters, and now more than ever before.  Are you craving to wear something different?  Or are you struggling to move out of your home “comfort” zone?  Fashion actually can help us move forward.  It was amazing how we at Jophiel all felt when we actually wore makeup and dressed for work.  We are ready to feel normal again. We are more than ready for the next stage.We’ll be talking in more detail over the next few weeks about Spring/Summer Fashion #TheJophielWay.  But Mother’s Day is right around the corner!  Let’s talk about what we can embrace RIGHT NOW.   Culottes and Crop Pants This season’s culottes and crop pants are exceptionally fashionable...

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Sympli: The Perfect Pack

Sympli has partnered with Claire Newell, a travel expert, to curate The Perfect Pack Travel Capsule with both classic and dynamic accents from the Sympli Collection. In this capsule you will find an entire travel wardrobe of day-to-night looks that fits perfectly into your carry-on-bag. These easy-care fold up and roll out wrinkle-free styles drape in all the right places. ✓ Oh-so-durable ✓ Comfort + style ✓ Classic + dynamic accents  ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ CLASSIC LOOKS TO GO Create the above classic looks, by purchasing the 4 On-the-Go Essentials and the Classic Accents. See below the breakdown of what items you need!  4 ON-THE-GO ESSENTIALS  Go To Relax Tank   Go To Classic T Relax Storm Legging Narrow Pant Midi STYLE WITH YOUR CHOICE...

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