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Travel Time

It's time to pack for your much-needed vacation, so start to relax now. Your Jophiel stylists are here with some quick tips to help you pack with perfection.

A key to packing light is selecting pieces with versatility. Consider staying within one color as your base, say black, navy or olive. This allows you to mix and match garments with ease as well as lessen your footwear needs. Lucky for us the sneaker has been embraced and updated in today's fashion, you no longer have to sacrifice your feet for style. Comfortable walking shoes are essential!


Jan Futter, Stlylist,  shares her picks for her upcoming vacation: “I have selected to pack black Eileen Fisher viscose knits in two pants, two tops, one jacket and one perfect maxi dress which will be easy to wear day or evening. Also, I am packing an Annette Gortz sweater to change up the look of my perfect maxi dress. Viscose blend knits are virtually wrinkle-free and offer you breathability and comfort as you explore.”

Another Jophiel favorite fabric is Crash Light, from Peter O. Malher, this ultra-light fabric wicks away moisture away from the body, providing you with all-day comfort. Created in shirting styles and dresses, these pieces can be worn on their own or for layering as a lightweight jacket for the brisk mornings. 

When it comes to accessories, the essentials are a great bag, sunglasses and a wrap. Consider a cashmere wrap to keep you comfortable in a chilly airport, plane or on an evening walk, and a cross-body bag or backpack will keep your valuables safe and your hands-free. 

Think about your wardrobe and travel needs sooner rather than later. Last minute shopping is stressful, and the whole point of a vacation is to relax and rest.  So plan ahead and know your Jophiel stylists' are here for you.  



  • Charlene

    Loved reading about Jan’s “ project packing”
    Do you offer that service? It is so not fun to the point of why go in the first place! It doesn’t stop there as I unpack everything neatly pressed and packed in the first place!

  • Charlene


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