How To Wear Sneakers To Work

Work environments are changing.  Maybe yours has?  So what does that mean for work attire?   What is the new definition of professional attire?  And just how casual is Casual Friday?
You can try to identify all the reasons why dress codes have changed, from economic to health and fitness influences, we’re all dressing differently but that doesn’t mean we should stop dressing appropriately.
One of the influences we see in fashion from our active lifestyles are sneakers!  And there are lots of ways we’re seeing sneakers styled!
With a graphic pencil skirt and wrap blazer worn on top.
 How To Wear Sneakers Refinery29
Image Credit: Refinery29
With a high-neck top layered under matching separates or suiting.
 How To Wear Sneakers Refinery29
Image Credit: Refinery29
A flowy trouser and trench with a simple blouse.
 How To Wear Sneakers Garance Dore
Image Credit: Garance Dore
A simple dress and coat.
 Garance Dore

Image Credit: Garance Dore

    To style sneakers for a business casual work environment, we’d pair cool easy pieces that are decidedly not sporty or sloppy with an athletic or athletic inspired shoe.
    Because it’s a work environment, careful consideration should be taken when selecting the fabric and drape of the look’s key pieces, always opt for more professional fabrics like silk, wool and cashmere over more casual textures like cotton or linen.
    But even if you style it with work in mind, what’s stopping you from wearing it everywhere else!


    Nancy’s innate sense of style is reflected in her ability to delve beyond the surface to perfect true style.  With over 30 years in Fort Wayne’s fashion retail landscape, she focuses her artistic tendencies towards cutting edge, high fashion interpretations to deliver distinctive style. Her greatest reward, the glow of understated confidence her clients exude.  You can learn more from Nancy here.


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