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The Importance of Routines During These Difficult Times

(A Guest Blog From Sympli's  Sabrina Banadyga, Head of Marketing):  I’m a creature of habit, or so I’ve learned when I break a routine and then watch myself tailspin from the inside out. Routine is important every day and can be especially grounding when faced with the uncertainty that none of us are immune to right now.  Here are some tips and tricks that keep me sane during these turbulent times: 1)   Morning Meditation. Every. Darn. Day. I used to admire those that meditated daily with a silent envy. Going through a challenging phase of my life in Spring 2019 (déjà vu!!) forced me into this routine because every day I woke up to soaring anxiety and a racing heart...

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Buying 101: What Does Style Diversity Mean

What about the uniqueness of buying for a boutique allows you to sell to such close circles of friends and family? I would say that it is the ability to know every one of your clients. By knowing every client, you know their circles and can therefore purchase according to what is happening in their lives.  I know when many clients will be attending the same event and can be sure that I have purchased a vast selection of unique looks for each of them.  When it comes to our everyday wardrobe, I keep everyone, family or friend in my thoughts when I am purchasing to be sure that classic, modern, and contemporary looks are included in our mix. How...

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Buying 101 with Julie Eckert Clancy

Each market always leaves an impression on me and Spring 2017 did not disappoint.  I recall the precision of design.  The perfect ankle pant, pegged or flared just so.  The perfect shift dress that has an unexpected edge.  The refreshing botanical print or bug embellishment.   The clean, uncluttered, and draped to perfection evening gown. Sometimes it isn’t always what is different but what has been improved from season to season, especially when a new trend has emerged that is still growing and developing in our wardrobe and style.  For the past few seasons we have seen the accessory landscape change dramatically.  The influence of modern bohemian has refined our beads, diamonds and leathers into a layered story on our necks...

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Spring Event Look Book

If you missed our fashion event, do not fear!  We captured every look so that you can shop the show!  From Peter O.Mahler to Eileen Fisher, our new jewelry designer Cheryl DuFault to Aquatalia and Tissa Fontaneda, we left no trend unexplored and every look finished!  Overall this season we are seeing vivid brights give way to excitement and optimism.  But it's a quiet optimism and stability that prevails in the soothing, calming spring colors of nature. Crop It The cropped look we saw from fall is still strong and offers a way to easily change up your silhouette.  Each of our designers is showing it differently, whether it's Peter O.Mahler's cropped pull-on or Bianca's denim style. 360 Skull Cashmere Sweater, Aquatalia...

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