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TLC For Your Cashmere

We're always being asked why cashmere pills.  A great question!  So here is our expert advice on pilling, how to keep your cashmere and other tidbits to know!

First off, all natural fibers pill.  Any garment made of natural fibers will typically pill where there is friction, like where your purse rubs against your hip when you carry it on the same shoulder day after day.  Try switching it up!  Washing will help reduce pilling and bring up the fresh new fibers.  Or try a cashmere comb and gently comb the surface of your sweater, travel wrap or cardigan to remove pills.

Cashmere Comb Jophiel

Cleaning is another really important part of keeping your cashmere looking beautiful.  Hand washing in cold water is the safest way to clean your cashmere, but we've had luck with the hand wash cycle if your washer has that option.  Roll it in a towel to remove the excess moisture and dry it flat.  It's important you dry it flat to protect the cashmere while it's in a moist, weakened state.  If you use a drying rack, don't let the arms dangle over the edge because that may cause the fibers to stretch.  The best part, the quality of your cashmere can actually improve if you wash it properly!

To carry your cashmere season to season, be sure you store it properly!  Don't just put it back in your closet after you've worn it when spring hits.  It is important to store your cashmere clean and completely dry.  Moths are drawn to lingering body odor and food stains in unwashed cashmere.  Also, body oils, perfumes and deodorants can discolor the fibers if left unattended for long periods of time. Store your cashmere folded, you can even wrap it in tissue for some extra love, and put it in a dry space. So save yourself the potential disappointment by cleaning and storing your cashmere properly at the end of the season!

Cashmere is the kind of wool that comes from the downy undercoat of a cashmere goat.  The fibers, sheared annually from the goat in early spring, are sent through a cleaning process before being spun for use by different mills.

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