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High Collar Retro

Chokers seem to have arrested the fashion world's attention for good.  Whether you embraced the look when it came back in 2014 or are just now hot around the collar, there is one thing to keep in mind: these chokers are not like the hip mall stretch tattoo chokers of the 90s.

90s Tattoo Choker
 Photo Courtesy ebay
You can get one on ebay these days for $.99, but why waste the dollar?

Maybe you wore them, maybe you had kids who wore them.  
I remember it felt like all of my girlfriends got to wear them, but my mom wouldn't let me.
They looked so hot around the neck.  I can't say that I remember them that well, but I do remember thinking I couldn't pull them off.  But let's get one thing straight that is different about the trending chokers of today versus the 90s elastic tattoo chokers: quality.  Designers and fashion influences are showing this trend made from quality material other than plastics.  From delicate silk ribbons tied around the neck like at Etro to statement diamond encrusted, silver jewelry pieces at Christian Dior.  
Thus the new trend in choker style necklaces is more versatile, from Cheryl Dufault to Atelier Swarvoski.  And for me, that makes it more exciting because we can all do some variety of the below the chin-above the decolletage accessory that is both eye catching and face-framing flattery.
At Jophiel, we styled the Deerskin Wrap Chokers from Cheryl Default different ways.  Talk about variety.  If you are looking for a new way to accessorize, don't just try to retro fit yourself into an old 90s trend.  Find the new styles that work for you, whether you're a child of the 90s or you raised a child in the 90s.
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Cheryl Dufault Deerskin ChokerCheryl Dufault Deerskin ChokerCherylCheryl Dufault Tahitian Pearl ChokerCheryl Dufault Deerskin Choker
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