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Get To Know Cheryl Dufault Designs

Cheryl Dufault Designs has been at Jophiel a little under 2 years and we are still spellbound by the play, the texture, the layers and the uniqueness. We really wanted to know more about the designer and her own style.  Sitting down to talk shop with Cheryl Dufault, getting to know her a little better, we're bringing you the inside scoop. Jophiel: “You talk a little about how close you are with your vendors. How long would you say you’ve been working with them.” Cheryl Dufault: “The majority of them are probably 15 years and some of them are as little as 5 and 6.  The longest vendors being from Kathmandu in Nepal.”  J: “You really get to foster the creative...

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Buying 101 with Julie Eckert Clancy

Each market always leaves an impression on me and Spring 2017 did not disappoint.  I recall the precision of design.  The perfect ankle pant, pegged or flared just so.  The perfect shift dress that has an unexpected edge.  The refreshing botanical print or bug embellishment.   The clean, uncluttered, and draped to perfection evening gown. Sometimes it isn’t always what is different but what has been improved from season to season, especially when a new trend has emerged that is still growing and developing in our wardrobe and style.  For the past few seasons we have seen the accessory landscape change dramatically.  The influence of modern bohemian has refined our beads, diamonds and leathers into a layered story on our necks...

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High Collar Retro

Chokers seem to have arrested the fashion world's attention for good.  Whether you embraced the look when it came back in 2014 or are just now hot around the collar, there is one thing to keep in mind: these chokers are not like the hip mall stretch tattoo chokers of the 90s.  Photo Courtesy ebay You can get one on ebay these days for $.99, but why waste the dollar? Maybe you wore them, maybe you had kids who wore them.  I remember it felt like all of my girlfriends got to wear them, but my mom wouldn't let me.They looked so hot around the neck.  I can't say that I remember them that well, but I do remember thinking I...

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Building Jophiel: Learning The Skills

Growing up, we all have grand plans for our lives; maybe big dreams, ambitious goals, life-changing love.  For some of us, those could all be wrapped up into one.  We interviewed Jophiel president and founder Julie Clancy and learned that 32 years of retail, opening Jophiel in Fort Wayne and styling has been a pretty wild ride.  But all of it has been an adventure of love, life-long learning, new levels of commitment and a dream that started small. You had worked in fashion for many years prior to Jophiel.  What was the store like where you used to work? The Forgotten Woman was my first job in fashion and I started as a commission only sales team member and completed my tenure...

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