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How A Personal Stylist Passes On A Trend

Every month we come together for a store wide conversation on a topic pertaining to fashion and just hash it out - in a very polite manner of course!  They're our fashionable confabulations!  Our in store Table Talks.  
From body image to special occasion, we've shared a lot of thoughts.  Join in!  We want to hear yours.

Leah: "When we’re dressing for events, and we’re thinking of special occasion, do we clarify the current trend influences with the customer, do we take that customer through that discovery of what is modern and how it fits their m’o for this special event?"

Julie: "Oh definitely!"

Nancy:  "We talk to the client, we tell them about the trend details, that is what’s new about it.  But sometimes what is new is old, so there can be a timelessness about a trend, but sometimes what’s new is pretty new and not always a lasting trend!  The 80s were the perfect example of a time period where I think we look back at what we wore to special occasions and think, could we have looked more hideous?   Oversized, puff sleeves.  Everything was silver at the weddings.  There are those trends that can be done and done tastefully and be timeless, but there are trends that are just trends when we’re trying to keep up with the time period."

Julie: "Shoulders go in and out of fashion.  I think, we got into an area where everything was short, meaning everything was a cocktail dress. The designers were really pushing short, there weren’t as many long gowns worn to galas or for weddings.  Now I think it’s more evenly balanced.  Now we see both."

Leah:  "Well that kind of leaves me wanting to ask the question, does the fashion industry ever shoot itself in the foot?"

Julie: "HAHA."

Nancy: "Yes!"

Leah:  "So everyday fashion influenced the special occasion of the 80s, so everything in that time period is now reflective of one look and so it dates itself.  Versus now you’re saying it’s a little more even.  So, are there time periods that are not defined by anything and have longevity?  And then are there time periods that are defined by something and it is spread throughout?"

Nancy:  "And one of the big examples of what defined 80s are two things:  Princess Diana and her wedding gown, and the disco era."

Leah:  "Silver"

Nancy:  "Everything was silver and all about the disco ball!"

Leah:  "Anybody that wore silver to their 80s wedding, or at one time looked current, can look dated later.  Is it a stylist’s responsibility to try to help the customer not look dated later?  Or is that part of looking current now, is to look dated later and see the distinct fashion of an era. Is that part of style too?"

Julie:  "That’s why I don’t like to take pictures because I can remember it beautifully in my head."

Nancy:  "Yes! In my mind the shoulders came down, and when I look at pictures it’s like the reality, that the shoulders pads were really that big!"

Julie:  "There are always influences from every decade that will come back in fashion.  They just don’t come back in the same way."

Nancy:  "And I don’t know if that is a concern as we are dressing someone, unless it gets to the point where it’s taking away from the focus of the special event.  Such as, a bridal party with a specific look that is very monochromatic, low-key style wise, and a family member that is photographed chooses to the draw attention to themselves in a flamingo sleeved, pink gown. That’s where I look at, down the road, is that what you want to see in pictures?"

Leah: "I think photography and fashion have an interesting relationship in that it can influence where we’re going and also encapsulates where we’ve been." 

Jan:  "I think its up to us to guide them on the journey of special occasion.  It’s our job to know what is current at the time but still be respectful and look good for years from now."

Julie:  "And “typical” changes with the times too.  What was typical in the 80s isn’t typical now."

Leah:  "I think that goes back to the picture in our head.  Whether it’s a print out or a memory."

What is your relationship with photographs?  Maybe there is a defining decade in your past where the fashions stand out? 
But if you are looking for an overall look and feel of longevity versus just what’s trending, practice a discerning eye.  Any Jophiel stylist, with over 75 combined years of style experience in the store, can help with that!


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