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It's Their Party Too

Once you’ve said “yes,” are you not so patiently waiting for happily ever after to begin? If so, STOP, look around, breath and enjoy. Marrying the man of your dreams will come soon enough, the walk down the aisle starts now with your pre-wedding events. Embrace these special events and those who so generously host them. After all, this time is about family and friends as well as you -the happy couple. It gives others a chance to shower you and your life partner with love, attention, gifts, and advice. It is necessary to appreciate the outpouring of love and well wishes and embrace this particular time in your life.  "Whether I was planning my pre-wedding events or working as...

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A Perfect Pairing, Wedding Dress and Venue

The wedding dress and wedding venue are two key factors to the overall style and feel of your big day. Having these elements work together is of vital importance in achieving a winning wedding look. So, which is more important, which do you select first?  There is no clear answer to this question. It’s a matter of perspective.  Which has vital importance to you? Marrying at sunset on a beach could be your dream, or you could have visions of a princess ball gown with a long train, both are breathtaking ideas. However, a ball gown and a beach are conflicting elements; simple flowing dresses work best with the light, airy feel of a beach wedding. Allow your dress and...

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How A Personal Stylist Passes On A Trend

Every month we come together for a store wide conversation on a topic pertaining to fashion and just hash it out - in a very polite manner of course!  They're our fashionable confabulations!  Our in store Table Talks.  From body image to special occasion, we've shared a lot of thoughts.  Join in!  We want to hear yours. Leah: "When we’re dressing for events, and we’re thinking of special occasion, do we clarify the current trend influences with the customer, do we take that customer through that discovery of what is modern and how it fits their m’o for this special event?" Julie: "Oh definitely!" Nancy:  "We talk to the client, we tell them about the trend details, that is what’s new about it. ...

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A Stylists Expertise On Dressing For Special Occasion

Table Talk is an endeavor to share some of the conversations that we are having in the store, the expertise each stylist possesses and to have an open and honest conversation about fashion. We wanted to focus this Table Talk on Special Occasion.  And why not, it is after all, a fashionable confabulation! Leah: "I googled “special occasion dressing”, I found plenty of places I could shop, but nowhere that told me what special occasion was.  I wanted to ask, isn’t knowing what is fitting for a special occasion important?" Jan:  "Yes.  I will a lot of times ask if my client has the invitation.  Is the dress code in writing?" Julie: "If they don’t have it, I think it’s...

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Does Casual Dress Mean Casual Business Success?

With the ever-changing dress code in our workplaces, we are starting to ask ourselves, is “dressing” for work dead? I decided to do some research on this topic. As stylists we are constantly getting feedback from our clients that their workplaces are going to the “jeans look” for every day not just casual Fridays. This casual change in fashion comes from the sports influence: your yoga pants, banded joggers bottoms, wick-away fabrics, etc. With the sports influence being so prominent in fashion, we all love the idea of being more comfortable at work, but at what cost to our career advancement. Research shows that appearances do matter in terms of career advancement and personal success. I read about yoga pants...

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