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It's Their Party Too

Once you’ve said “yes,” are you not so patiently waiting for happily ever after to begin? If so, STOP, look around, breath and enjoy. Marrying the man of your dreams will come soon enough, the walk down the aisle starts now with your pre-wedding events. Embrace these special events and those who so generously host them. After all, this time is about family and friends as well as you -the happy couple. It gives others a chance to shower you and your life partner with love, attention, gifts, and advice. It is necessary to appreciate the outpouring of love and well wishes and embrace this particular time in your life.

 "Whether I was planning my pre-wedding events or working as a stylist, I think it is so important to put the same effort into these selections. All pre-wedding events are the preparation for the big day and in fact, are held because of the wedding. So absolutely give it the attention necessary. Remember that you will be the center of attention, so choose wisely and appropriately and respect those that are hosting it for you.” Julie Eckert Clancy,  is correct, as the bride you are the center of attention for more than the wedding day itself, with that in the forefront of your mind, remind yourself to prepare for them like the special events they are. 

 “I was super prepared and ready to get pre-wedding events over with, because it meant I was that much closer to marrying my prince charming.” Cassie Teagno. “My advice is to make sure you do not feel rushed or pressured.”

Keep in mind that your mother and soon to be mother-in-law are also special at these events, often it’s their friends and family who host showers for you. Help them embrace this journey of gaining another family member by including them in the wardrobe preparations. Go shopping and help them select attire for the wedding and pre-wedding events, remind them of their importance. Ask them what styles and colors they are comfortable in, and find something that you can both love.

Everyone wants to purchase and wear something they feel good in. You want all to enjoy the stroll down the aisle. Ensure that in the years to come you will look back on the event photos and smile at the fun and love that you celebrated at all wedding events.   

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