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Get To Know Cheryl Dufault Designs

Cheryl Dufault Designs has been at Jophiel a little under 2 years and we are still spellbound by the play, the texture, the layers and the uniqueness. We really wanted to know more about the designer and her own style.  Sitting down to talk shop with Cheryl Dufault, getting to know her a little better, we're bringing you the inside scoop. Jophiel: “You talk a little about how close you are with your vendors. How long would you say you’ve been working with them.” Cheryl Dufault: “The majority of them are probably 15 years and some of them are as little as 5 and 6.  The longest vendors being from Kathmandu in Nepal.”  J: “You really get to foster the creative...

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Discover Brooklyn-based Jewelry Designer Freida Rothman

Established in 2010, Freida Rothman is a premier Brooklyn-based jewelry designer sold nationally in over 400 leading department and independent jewelry stores. At the helm of her eponymous brand, designer Freida Rothman’s vision has established a lifestyle brand of modern classics with a contemporary edge. She is recognized for her layered necklaces, bracelets and stacked ring sets. FREIDA ROTHMAN’s signature matte gold metal finishing and two-toned colored metals set her apart from other designers. Inspired to introduce new collections on a seasonal basis to captivate her collectors, Frieda Rothman continues to explore the depths of fashion in unexpected ways by creating jewelry that exudes stylish wearability. FRIEDA ROTHMAN jewelry appears on the runway at New York Fashion Week and is...

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