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Effortless Perfection

As a member of the “behind the scenes” team at Jophiel, I am in awe of the extensive knowledge that our seasoned stylist(s) possess. Our stylists know just what to do when it comes to customizing garments to meet the needs of the clientele.  There are countless tailoring solutions- gowns shortened, pants hemmed, pockets removed, sleeves adjusted, darts added, etc.

This recognition ensures that our clients have a custom fit with little worry of garment malfunction. To learn more about the alterations process, I sat down with Nancy Stuck, Stylist & Vice President of Sales and Merchandising.

What factors go into knowing if an item needs alterations?

"It depends on the client’s body type.  Every client has individual challenge(s) when it comes to their figure. We offer alteration solutions that enhance the figure, ensuring the client looks their very best.  For instance, adding darts is a solution that we recommend frequently.  This tailoring technique gives the garment more shape, which makes the garment more individualized.  

We find that our clients often return to us because they are able to find a customized look that suits their individual needs. They look and feel great in their tailored garments instead of settling for something off the rack.”  

Is the process of altering an item, time-consuming and challenging for a client? 

"It depends on the item and the tailoring technique needed.  A simple alteration such as a hem will take minimal time.  However, tailoring needs of a special occasion gown may require more time and fittings.  Alterations cannot always be completed in a one-step process. To ensure satisfaction, we may ask our client to endure more than one fitting. Although this can be frustrating, our end goal is to deliver a garment that allows the client to look their absolute best!"

 Helping women look their best seems to be a custom job.

“At Jophiel we showcase the merchandise through displays digitally and in the store, much in the way a couture show displays particular garments to attract attention. When you select a look from the runway, it is then customized to flatter and reflect your personality. For example, a bow might be downsized, a hem lengthened, a dart added, and a sheer garment lined. The designer’s seamstresses work to create a perfectly wearable version of the original design. That process is what makes a garment couture.

 “Bottom line, taking the time to alter your clothes makes them look like they were made just for you. The results are the look of effortless perfection.”

The steps to achieving effortless perfection are now a one-stop shop, as Jophiel has expanded to add an in-house alteration department. To learn more, check out Altering Your Experience or contact the store and your stylist.

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