Work What You Got!

At many times in life we will find ourselves as a tweener: a person considered to be between two recognized categories. Whether we are passing from a life in academia to a new job, we recently received a promotion, change of job, change of city?  We find ourselves mothers and grandmothers, or are transitioning from a career to retirement.  We can fall between two recognized fields with which we identify, and can come upon the proverbial fork in the road at any time in our journey.  The question is, how do we respond to our new direction?
We may feel lost, out of place, excited, overwhelmed, indifferent.  A myriad of different feelings.  And our new direction can start to influence how we perceive ourselves.  Discovering how to transition our personal style alongside this new self-discovery is part of pushing to that next chapter in life.
Jophiel has always been for the modern woman.  And 6 amazingly-stylish, modern women, each at different places in life, we work at Jophiel!  So who better to talk to about gracefully accepting change and being true to oneself than women who have helped guide others through it for over 20 years.

How much do you dress to be the heroine in your own story and how much are you still discovering what that person looks like?


Where does your intuition to guide someone else through their personal journey come from?


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