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Does Casual Dress Mean Casual Business Success?

With the ever-changing dress code in our workplaces, we are starting to ask ourselves, is “dressing” for work dead? I decided to do some research on this topic. As stylists we are constantly getting feedback from our clients that their workplaces are going to the “jeans look” for every day not just casual Fridays. This casual change in fashion comes from the sports influence: your yoga pants, banded joggers bottoms, wick-away fabrics, etc. With the sports influence being so prominent in fashion, we all love the idea of being more comfortable at work, but at what cost to our career advancement.

Research shows that appearances do matter in terms of career advancement and personal success. I read about yoga pants and their huge influence.  This designer sweatpants look that is sweeping the fashion scene.  It was reiterated to me that tailoring and fit is still really important, because you don’t want to look like a slob.   I took that and researched deeper into casual Fridays in companies and how dressing for success at work can pay off.  

So, the interpretation of it all?  Suiting is still important.  It makes you feel like a boss so you in turn act like a boss and become more influential.  In a study by a team of psychologists, research shows that people who wear more formal clothing to work feel like they are more competent and rational, while people who wear more casual clothing to work feel more friendly and laid-back.  How companies ask their employees to dress for work is going to directly affect their productivity and overall success.  If they want something done in their company, I see a direct application of this research. 

So the question is, companies that are wanting to reach a broader employee market and attract diverse talent by offering casual work environments… at what sacrifice to the company’s success?  Because research proves that dressing for success leads to results!

If your workplace is one of the many that is transitioning to casual, but you feel like you need that leading edge in your style, Jophiel carries many different lines that range in style from casual to formal. This research only emphasizes the styling for career woman Jophiel has offered for 24 years.  Let us help mix the perfect items to give you a more comfortable, sports influenced professional look. We like to have fun with styling for a professional and add some punch to the outfit. So while your look will still say that you are approachable, it will also definitely say you can lead a company of 10,000+ people and bring your A game.

I hope that you don’t feel like you have to sacrifice your style that gives you a leading edge to conform to the causal climate of the workplace. Let us help create different ways to that make you feel more powerful in the professional realm. Be styled. Be confident. Be Powerful!  


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