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Cultivating Your Superhero Cap

“Playing dress-up begins at age five and never truly ends,” Kate Spade. Most little girls play dress up, whether it’s playing pretend in mother’s clothes or fancy princess dresses, so the act of dressing in certain clothes to feel special starts at a young age. Dressing in gowns for weddings or galas can make any woman feel like a princess, but does the fancy gown give the woman more confidence or merely allow for her confidence to shine through?   Anne Klein once said, "Clothes aren't going to change the world, the women wearing them will."  Both Kate Spade and Anne Klein are and were women's fashion designers and yet these two quotes I believe challenge their job titles: do the...

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Buying 101: What Does Style Diversity Mean

What about the uniqueness of buying for a boutique allows you to sell to such close circles of friends and family? I would say that it is the ability to know every one of your clients. By knowing every client, you know their circles and can therefore purchase according to what is happening in their lives.  I know when many clients will be attending the same event and can be sure that I have purchased a vast selection of unique looks for each of them.  When it comes to our everyday wardrobe, I keep everyone, family or friend in my thoughts when I am purchasing to be sure that classic, modern, and contemporary looks are included in our mix. How...

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Does Casual Dress Mean Casual Business Success?

With the ever-changing dress code in our workplaces, we are starting to ask ourselves, is “dressing” for work dead? I decided to do some research on this topic. As stylists we are constantly getting feedback from our clients that their workplaces are going to the “jeans look” for every day not just casual Fridays. This casual change in fashion comes from the sports influence: your yoga pants, banded joggers bottoms, wick-away fabrics, etc. With the sports influence being so prominent in fashion, we all love the idea of being more comfortable at work, but at what cost to our career advancement. Research shows that appearances do matter in terms of career advancement and personal success. I read about yoga pants...

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Give to Give Holiday Event

There is no more noble occupation in the world than to assist another human being – to help someone succeed. -Alan Loy McGinnis This year, you helped make the world a little brighter! It is part of our mission at Jophiel to be an active community member; to uplift those that have supported us and to re-imagine and create the community we love.  Through our annual Give to Give event, you donated  a total of $13, 600 to charities near and far: Friends of the Lincoln Collection of Indiana Aboit Lutheran Church Boys and Girls club of America Canterbury School SCAN Charis House Matthew 25, INC Allen County SPCA Awana International Salvation Army Solanus Casey Center Troy Center Visitng Nurse Fort Wayne...

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Building Jophiel: Learning The Skills

Growing up, we all have grand plans for our lives; maybe big dreams, ambitious goals, life-changing love.  For some of us, those could all be wrapped up into one.  We interviewed Jophiel president and founder Julie Clancy and learned that 32 years of retail, opening Jophiel in Fort Wayne and styling has been a pretty wild ride.  But all of it has been an adventure of love, life-long learning, new levels of commitment and a dream that started small. You had worked in fashion for many years prior to Jophiel.  What was the store like where you used to work? The Forgotten Woman was my first job in fashion and I started as a commission only sales team member and completed my tenure...

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