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How To Shop The New Year SALES Like a Buyer.

It's an exciting time for deal hunters!  It's January!  The first of the year is that time of year — SALE, SALE, SALE.  How do you successfully shop a sale?  We ask Julie Jophiel president and founder who does all the store's buying, to help answer the important questions.

Julie:  My response is always the same…for the best selection, always shop the first markdown, and be prepared by having gone through your closet, which we just shared in our stylist tips and tricks Style News story!  Then come with a list or an idea of what you are looking to add to your wardrobe. 

That sounds like a lot of upfront work, why be prepared? 

Julie:  If you need to replenish basics in your closet (such as black trousers or solid turtlenecks), they will be the first items purchased on sale by everyone.  Why?  Because these are the items we wear the most!  Your basics may be different than the ones I listed, but know what yours are; I guarantee you they are someone else’s basics as well. Another reason to be prepared is most often we are searching for fill-in items to coordinate with pieces we already own.  Bring the items you are trying to match with you to the store.  A good stylist is happy to help you find the perfect item to go with something. It is our job!

If I've already bought for the season, what else is there to shop?

Julie:  When heading out to shop a sale, look at your accessory wardrobe and see if you need new gloves, belts, scarves, shoes and/or handbags.  A sale is often the perfect way to finish an existing outfit with the perfect accessory…one that will update your look and make your outfit a WOW. 

What makes sales fun for fashionistas?

Julie: Use a sale to discover a new designer or a new look.  The sale price allows us to step out of our comfort box and surprise ourselves — by considering a new style, color or shape and trying it out.   Remember — it’s only January, and winter lasts through March only to be followed by a temperamental Midwest spring. There is plenty of time to enjoy and wear your sale purchases.  And happy shopping!


Now Get Out There And Shop!

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